Exporting data from Pipefy is simple and can be done using our Reports feature. It allows you to generate a XSLX file with all the existing data on your pipe.

To start with, you need to access the Pipe you want to generate a report from and open the ‘Reports’ tab on your Pipe dashboard's header. 

This is what your ‘Reports’-dashboard looks like. Click on the  ‘Create new report’-button.

This is the first screen you see after clicking the ‘Create new report’-button. The standard columns shown on all new reports are ‘Title’, ‘Current phase’, ‘Creator’ and ‘Created at’. The records (rows) are related to the information filled out on the Fields of the Cards on your Pipe.

You can customize the information you want to see on your report by clicking the 'Columns'-button. When you click it, it’ll open a dropdown menu with all Phases and Fields you have on your Pipe. Check the boxes with the Field of origin of the information you want to see. 

Now to answer your question: As soon as you're done editing and click the ‘Export’-button, your report will be converted in XSLX format, and a link to download it will be sent to your registered e-mail. From here, you can extract your data and work with it in other software.

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