Pipefy takes the safety of its users' information very seriously. That's why we're implementing a new feature that allows users to increase the information safety level and rest assured that their information is as safe as it could be.

If a simple login password doesn't seem safe enough, enabling two-factor authentication allows you to provide an extra security layer.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method of confirming each user's identity using a combination of two different components. Not only does it require the user's username and password, it also asks for a private piece of information no one but the user should have access to.

There are many different devices and services that can be used to implement 2FA: tokens, RFID cards, smartphone apps, etc. Pipefy uses the mobile phone two-factor authentication. Your smartphone serves as "something that the user possesses". 

To authenticate using 2FA on Pipefy you'll use your personal password (secret) plus a one-time-valid, dynamic passcode. The code will be generated and sent to your mobile device via a special app (you could use Google Authenticator or 'Authy').

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