Pipefy's email template editor enables you to use markdown to edit the content in your email templates.

If you want to take it a step further to make your email templates look even greater, here are a few customization options that may help you with that:

1. Adding images:

The maximum image width within email templates is 536px. If you add any image that's wider than that, it will be resized to fit the width limits.

You can add a centralized image by simply combining style and image tags:

Here's how it looks like in the email template:

You can use images with a hyperlink to create buttons:

You can even add animated images (GIFs) to make the content more interesting:

2. Text formatting:

There are plenty text formatting options to help make your email template's content more attractive.

You can use <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and so on to help you break down the content of your email into sections using headers and sub-headers:

You can use <p> and <br> tags to separate the text in paragraphs or add a blank space between paragraphs.

You can use the text alignment options to align the text to the right/left, centralize or justify it:

You can also use Bold, Italic, Underlined, Crossed out and Marked.

You can use style tags to edit both text and background colors:

You can also create lists (both ordered and unordered):

You can also use tables:

Ps. Some of the formatting can't be displayed in the 'preview' window of the email template editor so it's best to send yourself a test email to make sure the formatting works according to your needs.

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