Setting up a condition for your automation is easy! Just a few clicks to set everything up and Pipefy will take it from there. 

You first set up an automation by accessing 'Apps&Integrations' on your team dashboard. 

Let's assume the case we mentioned before: you have a sales pipeline and you have to select if the client needs to be 'onboarded' by choosing yes or no. If the client does not need to be onboarded you simply move the client forward and nothing happens, if the client needs to be onboarded he needs to be sent automatically to your 'customer onboarding pipe'. 

In order to make this happen, first set as the event 'Card moved'. The card needs to be moved in our Sales Pipeline to the 'Won' phase. 

Because we only want clients that actually need to be onboarded to appear on our 'customer onboarding pipe', we set a condition by clicking 'Add condition'. The following screen will pop up:

The first select box asks you to choose a field on your origin pipe, the pipe that triggers the automation. All fields you configured will pop up. The second select box asks you to set the condition statement: 'is equal to' or 'is not equal to'. The last box then let's you set the condition itself, which is one of the options of a select type of field for example. 

In this case, we choose our select type of field 'Does this client need to be onboarded?', select the condition 'is equal to' and then 'Yes'. 

From now on, every time we move a card on our sales pipeline to the 'Won' phase, a connected card is automatically created on our customer onboarding pipe. 

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