Expected results:

Save time with efficient and automated approval flows.

What is this useful for?

Based on your business rules, demand approval from other teams or managers so that requests can flow smoothly and warrant better alignment and quality. 

Example: value of purchase that demands approval from manager.

Before you get started you'll need to:

How to:

  • Access the automation page by clicking on the automation option in your company dashboard;
  • Click on 'Add new automation';
  • Our event will be when a card is created in pipe purchase process.
  • We'll add the condition that the purchase value is more than U$D500;
  • Our action is to move the card to Approval phase, so that the manager in charge of the process knows that that request demands his/her attention.
  • Let's name and save the automation and from now on, every time a new purchase request over U$D500 is created, it'll be automatically moved to the 'approval' phase.

More ways to…

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