What is Pipefy's Email Inbox?

Pipefy allows you to setup an e-mail address to which users can send emails and automatically create a Card on your Pipe.

You can use it to automatically create new Cards on your Helpdesk Pipe whenever someone sends you an email to [email protected], or on your Sales Pipeline whenever someone writes [email protected], etc.

Setting up your Email Inbox helps you make sure important information and opportunities won’t get lost in your team’s email inbox. It also allows you to create a structured process in order to track the way your team deals with incoming requests/opportunities. By creating a Pipe to follow up on your opportunities/requests, you’re also able to establish SLA’s based on the maximum limit time to get back to the customers.

This features extracts information from the e-mails sent to the address you setup and creates the Cards according to the information correspondence you determine.

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