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What is an Email Template?

An Email Template is a standard message you can create that will be sent from a specific Phase of your Pipe. The templates can be used to send a message automatically (whenever a card enters/leaves a Phase) or manually from inside the Card. You can build templates with dynamic content originated from the fields of your process.

How Can Email Templates be Used?

E-mail templates present you with a world of possibilities to make your life easier, such as:

  • Auto-sending a confirmation email - Like whenever a customer opens a support ticket for example. Relevant in this context is that you can use dynamic content to personalize your template by including the customer’s name and support ticket’s follow-up number;
  • Updating a customer about how his or her request is doing by sending automated emails as the card moves from one Phase to the other;
  • Auto-sending instructions to a new employee being hired, where each step of your hiring process that demands interaction can have one (or more) email templates;
  • Automating sales outbound and follow-up emails;
  • Standardizing your communication – using email templates ensures all communication sent out has your company’s tone and voice.

Example: Confirmation message – Expense Reimbursement

A member of your team asks for a reimbursement of an expense he or she had. Whenever a Card is created on the ‘expenses reimbursement’ Pipe, you can set up an automated message saying the request has been received and he/she will be updated as it goes through the process’ Phases.

Some Pipes already come with examples of email templates saved on their settings - they need to be edited before they can be used: their dynamic content settings, as well as sender/receiver email, must be edited before they can be used.

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