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What are Connections?

A Connection is the solution for integrating your processes without having to manually share information outside your pipe. If you have a process that at a certain phase of execution demands collaboration from other pipes, you’ll be able to do so by using connections. Connections allow you to create children cards from a parent card. You can do it from one pipe to another or from within a single pipe, if you want cards to be related.

Connections can also help you break down one major activity (a card in Pipefy) into small steps. This can be useful whether it is making a phone call as soon as the card reaches a certain phase, sending an email or taking any other action that needs to be taken within one of your cards. In this case, you can view them as ‘subtasks.’

When to use a Connection?

Connections can be used in many possible situations that demand process interaction. In order to make your understanding of how it works better, we’ll give you a few examples.

Hiring a new person for your team

You’re hiring a new team member (on your hiring process Pipe), and within that process, you need to:

  1. Ask the IT team to create his e-mail account and intranet access;
  2. Ask the HR team to sign all the docs;
  3. Ask the procurement department to acquire a new desk, chair and computer.

All these cards, created in different processes, but related to the same new hire, can be created within a single card in your Hiring Process pipe, through connections to the IT Requests, HR Requests and Purchase pipes.

After closing a sale

You’ve just closed a new deal, so you may need to:

  1. Ask your financial team to approve your new client’s credit limit;
  2. Ask your operations team to start the delivery process of what was sold.

All these cards, created in different processes but related to the same won client, can be created from within a single card in your Sales Pipeline, through connections to the Accounts Payable and Delivery Process pipes.

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