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Once you make a connection between pipes, or databases, you can enable the autofill to automatically fill the fields of a card with information from a card or record connected to it.

To enable this option, when setting a connection, click on Advanced options.

Then, click on the switch button.

The next step is to define which fields will be automatically filled with the information from the connected pipe or database.

Click on the icon with a plus sign and select the desired option.

Is also possible to type in a fixed value, so it won't change as the process flows.

📌 Attention

  • Autofill does not work when the connection field is placed in the start form. It can only capture the information from the start form fields after the card is created.

  • These advanced settings only influence cards or records created manually via a connection/connection field. If there's automation set up to create connected cards automatically, autofill won't influence the rule's settings.

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