Integrating Pipefy with Google Sheets via Zapier allows you to easily create one or more cardsfrom a Google Sheet’s Spreadsheet Row.

Set up this integration if you wish to create a new card every time a new row is filled with information or if you wish to automatically create a large number of cards simply by importing the information into the spreadsheet.

Pipefy + Google Sheets Integrations!

Get to know the most commonly used Pipefy + Google Sheets integrations and start using them right away with Zapier's pre-designed integrations!

You can create your own Pipefy-Google Sheets integrations from scratch on Zapier, or jump right in and add cards to Pipefy for new rows on Google Sheets.

Add cards to Pipefy for new rows on Google Sheets

Tired of copy/pasting your card information from spreadsheets by hand? Set up this automation, and Zapier will do it for you. From then on, whenever you add a new row to Google Sheets, a matching card will be added to a pipe on Pipefy, ensuring you keep up with all your new entries, no matter how fast they come in.

How Google Sheets-Pipefy integration works

  1. A new row is added on Google Sheets

  2. Zapier creates a Pipefy card in the Pipe you’ve chosen

Create this Zap.

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