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Integrating Pipefy with Google Calendar via Zapier allows you to add new Pipefy cards (due date is mandatory) to Google Calendar as events, keeping close track of all your due dates.

Pipefy + Google Calendar integrations

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You can create your own Pipefy-Google Calendar integration from scratch on Zapier, or jump right in.

Add new Pipefy cards to Google Calendar as events

Having trouble tracking all your task due dates? Set up this integration, and we'll do it for you. It will trigger with each new card you add on Pipefy and create a corresponding event on Google Calendar for it—you'll never forget one again.

Note: This Zap will only work if your card has a due date. If some of your cards don't contain due dates, filter the blank ones and add Due Date fields. 

How this Pipefy-Google Calendar integration works

  1. A new card is added to Pipefy with a due date

  2. Zapier automatically generates a new event on your Google Calendar with the details and date you’ve previously selected

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