Integrating Pipefy with GitHub via Zapier allows you to easily create new issues on Github from the information inserted on cards on Pipefy and vice versa, creating new cards from the issue’s information.

Pipefy + Github Integrations!

Get to know the most commonly used Pipefy + Github integrations and start using them right away with Zapier's pre-designed integrations!

You can create your own Pipefy-Github integrations from scratch on Zapier, or jump right in with these popular examples of automated workflows for your pipes:

Zap #1: Create GitHub issues from new Pipefy cards

Even though most of your software development team probably works all day on GitHub, many other team members won't log in regularly. Set up this Zapier integration, however, you can automatically create new GitHub issues from new cards created on a specific Pipe on Pipefy, allowing everyone to contribute to development.

How this Pipefy-GitHub integration works

  1. A new card is created on specific Pipefy Pipe

  2. Zapier creates a GitHub issue using the information from the Pipefy card

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Zap #2: Create Pipefy cards new GitHub issues

Make sure your development tasks are always reflected in your project management. Once you've set up this integration, it will create a card on Pipefy for each new GitHub issue Zapier detects on a particular repo, extending their visibility even for people who aren't developers.

How this GitHub-Pipefy integration works

  1. A new issue is created in a chosen GitHub repository

  2. Zapier creates a Pipefy card on a chosen Pipe with the issue details

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