Integrating Pipefy with Pipedrive you’re able to set up Zapier to automatically create cards on Pipefy every time a deal is added to a specific stage on Pipedrive.

This integration can also work the other way around, automatically creating a new deal on Pipedrive for each new card created on a Pipe.

Pipefy + Pipedrive Integrations!

Get to know the most commonly used Pipefy + Pipedrive integrations and start using them right away with Zapier's pre-designed integrations!

You can create your own Pipefy-Pipedrive integrations from scratch on Zapier, or jump right in with these popular examples of automated workflows for your pipes:

Zap #1: Create new deals on Pipedrive when new cards are created on Pipefy

Easily keep track of all your sales opportunities with some automated tracking. This Zapier integration will create a new deal on Pipedrive whenever a new card is created on a specific Pipe on Pipefy, making sure your sales team always has the info they need.

How this Pipefy-Pipedrive integration works

  1. A new card is added to a pipe on Pipefy

  2. Zapier creates a new deal on Pipedrive

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Zap #2: Create new Pipefy cards when Pipedrive deals are added to a stage

After your deals reach a certain stage on your CRM, it’s time to take action. After you set up this integration, it will be triggered whenever a new deal enters a specific pipeline stage on Pipedrive, creating a card on Pipefy with the information from the opportunity so you can work on it right away.

How this Pipedrive-Pipefy integration works

  1. You add a deal to a specific pipeline stage on Pipedrive

  2. Zapier creates a new card on the chosen Pipe on Pipefy

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