Zapier allows you to create integrations with hundreds of applications. With Zapier you can create an integration that has the same app setting up the trigger and doing the action.

If you decide to integrate Pipefy with itself, for example, you can automate your pipe connections making it so that, every time a card reaches the end of Pipe A (entering a done phase), Zapier automatically creates a card on Pipe B and so on, until your process is complete all through different Pipes.

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Create a new Pipefy card when another card is marked as done

If your processes always involve one action as a result of another, you can save yourself the trouble of setting up the follow-up work yourself. This integration will fire off whenever a new card is marked as done on a pipe in Pipefy, automatically creating a new one in response so your work can continue without interruption.

How this Pipefy integration works

  1. A new card is marked as "done" on a pipe in Pipefy

  2. Zapier creates a new card on another pipe in response

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