Integrating Pipefy with Slack via Zapier allows you to easily set up notifications every time someone creates a new card on a Pipe, either via direct message or in a channel, making sure everyone on your team is aware of the tasks being created.

This integration also allows you to automatically create cards from starred messages on Slack, allowing you to easily transform messages in cards just by starring them.

Pipefy + Slack Integrations!

Get to know the most commonly used Pipefy + Slack integrations and start using them right away with Zapier's pre-designed integrations!

You can create your own Pipefy-Slack integrations from scratch on Zapier, or jump right in with these popular examples of automated workflows for your pipes:

Zap #1: Create Pipefy Cards from new starred messages on Slack

A lot of great information flows through your chat rooms—are you storing all the gems? Zapier can help with that if you turn on this integration. After that, whenever you star a message on Slack, it will automatically create a matching card on Pipefy, creating a perfect record or action item while you keep on chatting.

How this Slack-Pipefy integration works

  1. You star a message in Slack

  2. Zapier creates a new Pipefy card using the Slack message text and a link to the original message

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Zap #2: Get direct Slack messages for new cards on Pipefy

Need to know about new work on your pipes, but don't have the time to check on them? No problem. Set up this integration and, from then on, Zapier will alert you about every new card on Pipefy with a direct message via Slack, ensuring you stay updated at all times.

How this Pipefy-Slack integration works

  1. A new card is created on Pipefy

  2. Zapier sends you a direct message on Slack

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Zap #3: Get Slack channel notifications for new cards on Pipefy

If everyone is caught up in conversation, it can be easy to miss new action items. Let Zapier bring them to your teams' attention with some automation. This integration, once active, will react to every new card you add to a particular pipe on Pipefy, posting a new message about it to your Slack channel every time.

How this Pipefy-Slack integration works

  1. A new card is added to a pipe on Pipefy

  2. Zapier posts a message about it to a channel on Slack

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