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Pipefy enables users to send automated email messages with dynamic content to customize the message and contextualize the customer.

Other than using information from fields in your pipe's phases, you can also use data from all the fields in a database record/card connected via a connection field.

You can use that dynamic content when creating the email (pipe tools > email templates) ou when setting it up in a phase (inside the phase's settings).

For this example, we'll use an email address from a customer database record as 'to email'. Here's what you'll do:

1. To access the email template's settings inside a phase, click on the 3 dots next to the name on the phase, then on 'edit this phase'.

2. Scroll the screen down until you find the advanced options with the email templates option in it. Assuming you don't have any email templates set up yet, click on 'set up a new email template';

3. Once inside the email template set up page, scroll down until you find the dynamic content option;

4. In the entity menu you'll choose the phase your connection field is in. In your case, the start form. In the property you'll choose the name of the field inside the connected card/record. Copy and paste the handlebars value in the 'to email' field and you're good to go.

In this example 'contact name' is a connection field to a table called 'customers'. We can use all the information in all the fields inside the 'customers' database as dynamic content, such as customer's name and email.

When can I use this feature?

This feature can be used whenever you need to reference the information in a connected card or record in an email template, for example:

  • Sending an email to customers that are stored inside a database table and related to a card, using the name and email fields from the table;

  • Display information from a connected card's fields inside your email body; etc.


  • This feature only supports one level of connection. If you have a connection field (to database B) inside database A and want to reference that data in an email template, you'll only be able to use the title from the connection field in table A. 

  • When the connection field supports multiple values and has various records/connected cards, Pipefy will return all field values separated by a comma. Ex.: If you have multiple records attached to this card with email field, email field in the template will return "[email protected], [email protected]"

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