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You can easily create PDF templates using the PDF Template Editor. 

Only pipe admins and pipe members can generate PDFs with this feature. Restricted view, read-only and start form only permission are not able to generate PDFs.

The PDF Template Editor is similar to an online text editor and allows you to enter and format text and insert links, tables, and images. 

More importantly, you can dynamically insert information from your cards into the PDF template.

1. The title of your PDF template

2. Add card information into the PDF template. The field will be inserted as a placeholder and will be dynamically populated with information from the card when the PDF is generated (some field types can't be used as dynamic data in this feature. Click here to learn more).

3. Change the font color of the selected text

4. Bold the selected text

5. Italicize the selected text

6. Changes the selected text into a first level heading (H1)

7. Changes the selected text into a second level heading (H2)

8. Underline the selected text

9. Left align your text

10. Center align your text

11. Right align your text

12. Insert a link into the document or add a link to the selected text

13. Add a bullet to the current line

14. Add numbering to the current line

15. Insert an image from your computer

16. Insert a table by choosing the number of rows and columns in the table

17. Add a horizontal line below the current line

18. Cancels and deletes all changes made since opening the PDF template and closes the PDF Template Editor

19. Saves all changes made to the PDF template and closes the PDF Template Editor


  1. The title of the link and the text that will be displayed in the template
  2. The address of the link. The link requires a valid protocol to work. Valid protocols include: http://, https://, ftp://, ftps://, ldap://, mailto:, tel:


  1. With the cursor positioned in the row, click on the arrow to add a row below the current row or to delete the current row.
  2. With the cursor positioned in the column, click on the arrow to add a column to the right of the current column or to delete the current column.
  3. Delete the entire table

Other Tips:

  • Ctrl+z (PC) or Command+z (Mac) = undo the last change

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