On Sunday, October 28th at 11:00 am UTC (8:00 am GMT-03), there will be scheduled downtime for approximately 1 hour. In this maintenance window, we will upgrade our CDN infrastructure for better performance and security.

If your organization has a 'whitelist' of allowed URLs for Pipefy, your team must add the following new domain to maintain access to Pipefy: *.staticpipefy.com to maintain proper access to Pipefy from October 28th forward.

To explain further, formerly we used the following CloudFront URLs for our assets, client and PipeUI/PipeStyle UI frameworks:

- PipeUI: https://d1sk48w689r27c.cloudfront.net

- PipeStyle: https://d3l2kwhcxt3ou6.cloudfront.net

- Pipefy Client: https://d1ukdhoxof1oxs.cloudfront.net

- Pipefy Assets: https://d39k3r5odlh0df.cloudfront.net

To accommodate access to our improved new CDN, we strongly recommend adding the entire *.staticpipefy.com domain to the whitelist to account for other subdomains we may add in the future, but the new specific URLs (hosted through Cloudflare) for current assets will be:

- PipeUI: https://pipeui.staticpipefy.com

- PipeStyle: https://pipestyle.staticpipefy.com

- Pipefy Client: https://platform.staticpipefy.com

- Pipefy Assets: https://assets.staticpipefy.com

You can whitelist traffic to this staticpipefy.com domain starting now, and must do so in advance of October 28th or Pipefy will no longer be accessible to your team. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and welcome any questions you or your IT team may have.

You can follow the status of this maintenance window and subscribe to real-time alerts at https://status.pipefy.com/.

If you have any question, reach out to our support team via the in app chat or at [email protected].

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