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Create automations to save time with efficient and automated approval flows. Based on your business rules, demand approvals from specific team members to make requests flow smoothly in your workflow. For example, when the value of a purchase requires a manager's approval, they will automatically receive the necessary information and a notification to review the request.

Before creating the automation:

  1. Make sure the first phase of your pipe doesn't have any mandatory fields.

  2. Create an “Approval” phase.

  3. Go to the automations page in the pipe where you want to create the automation.

  4. Just click on the Automation button, located in the pipe header.

  5. Click on Add new automation.

Choose the event When a card is created and add the condition that makes sense for your scenario. For example, when the purchase value is more than $500.

Choose the action Move the card and then select the “Approval” phase. This way, the person in charge of the process will know that this request demands their attention.

Name and save the automation! From now, every time a new purchase request over $500 is created, it'll be automatically moved to the “Approval” phase.

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