Automations work this way:

  • Every time something happens in the pipe

  • The automation will do something else in sequence

For example, every Monday at 10 AM (event) → move a card from phase 1 to phase 2 (action).

How to create this automation?

First, select the option Recurring activity.

Then, choose how often you want to move or create cards:

1. Every 30 minutes

Select this option to create or move cards from 30 to 30 minutes.

2. Every hour

Select this option to create or move cards from hour to hour.

3. Every day

Specify a time to create or move cards (e.g., 10 PM).

4. Every week

Specify a day of the week and a time of the day to create or move cards (e.g., Sundays at 10 PM).

5. Every month

Specify a day of the month to create or move cards.

What is UTC (timezone)?

UTC is a standard for timezones worldwide (Coordinated Universal Time).

To set up the automation based on this reference, click here to know your UTC timezone.

Now, choose what the automation must do (action):

1. Create a new card or record

Every time of the day, week, or month, an automation will create a new card in a pipe or a record in a database. You can select a field from the card's start form and leave the fields blank or you can set a fixed value to create cards filled out with the same information.

2. Move card

Every time the automation is triggered, all cards in phase A will be moved to phase B.

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