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Automatically create cards for recurring activities

Expected results:

Save time by automatically creating recurring activities and making sure your team follows their routine.

What is this useful for?

Automatically creating cards for recurring daily/weekly or monthly activities (such as accounts payable, extracting reports, team meetings, etc.) .

Before you get started you'll need to:

  • Specify which task you wish to automatically create in your team's task management pipe. 
  • In our case we want a card to be created every Monday 9 a.m. to remind the team to extract all necessary reports before the team meeting on Wednesday.

How to:

  • Access the automation menu by clicking on the automation option in the sidebar (in the left side of the screen);
  • Click on 'Add new automation';
  • Our event will be 'Recurring activity'. Frequency is every week, select Monday and the time you want the card to be created. 
  • It's important to notice that the timezone is UTC so if you wish a card to be created every Monday 9 a.m. in San Francisco time (UTC - 08:00), we'll have to select 17:00 in the menu.
  • Our action will be to create a new card in our task management pipe. Fill in all the fields. 
  • When setting up the due date, you can use a relative value. Select date and time of event (in our case, Monday 9 a.m.), click on top of it to select the relative value. 
  • Let's select custom date and add two days there, that way the card's due date will be Wednesday 9 a.m.
  • Let's name and save the automation and from now on, every Monday at  9 a.m. a card will be created to remind the time to extract the reports.

More ways to…

Create a standardized routine by using the recurring activity automation to create all the recurring activities you need (each automation creates one specific card). 

Save time and ensure your team's efficiency by not having to manually create these cards.

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