Pipefy enables users to use 3 options to add hyperlinks in your email template body: the in-feature editor, markdown and html.

Hyperlinks can be used to link to a static page (such as https://app.pipefy.com) or to a dynamic content such as an attachment field or the card URL.

IMPORTANT: Hyperlinks to attachment fields only work when there's only one file in the field. In case there are multiple files, only the first one will be linked to.

To add a hyperlink using the built-in text editor, simply click on the globe icon in the toolbar, then add the URL you wish to link for:

To add the hyperlink to a dynamic content field you can use:

  • Markdown: [Hyperlink text] ({{phaseXXXXX.fieldXXXXX}}) > simply removing the space in between the elements;
  • Html: <a href="{{phaseXXXXX.fieldXXXXX}}">Hyperlink text</a>

To add the hyperlink to a static URL you can use:

Click here to learn more about other markdown/html options for formatting email templates.

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