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In Pipefy's email templates, a button is actually an image combined with a hyperlink (click here learn how to add an image and here to learn how to add a hyperlink).

The html code we'll use will combine the hyperlink (it can be used to link to a static page or to a dynamic content such as the card URL) with the image (check out the observations about the image below).

The code we'd use to insert a button that linked to the card URL, for example, would be this one:

<a href="{{card.url}}"><img src="http://pngimg.com/uploads/buttons/buttons_PNG105.png" width="120" height="65" alt="button"></a>

The first part (<a href="LINK/DYNAMIC CONTENT">) is the hyperlink portion, this is where you'll add the address you want to link to or the dynamic content, such as {{card.url}}.

The second part (<img src="IMAGE-URL" width="120" height="65" alt="button">) is the image portion. You can use width/height to resize the image to better fit your email.

This is how the html code looks in the email template editor:

And here's how it looks in the received email:

Attention!  Before adding an image to an email template, it must be hosted in an image hosting service such as https://imgur.com or https://imgbb.com/ (you'll use the image's URL to add to the code).

The image URL must always end in a valid image extension (.jpg, .png, .gif.). If you're using a hosting service and the generated URL doesn't have the proper extension, try clicking on it with the right mouse button to copy the image URL or open the image in a new tab.

Click here to learn more about other markdown/html options for formatting email templates.

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