Database Importer

Don't waste any more time importing your data into Pipefy. Now you can easily transfer all the data of your clients, suppliers, orders, etc, directly from an Excel spreadsheet to Pipefy's databases. If you have used the card importer before, you already know how much time you can save. If you have never used, click here to access the article that explains how to use this freshly baked feature.

Email messaging

Send your messages faster and more customizable. The way you exchange emails through your cards in Pipefy has also been updated and now it gives you more possibilities to customize your communication with anyone involved in your process. 

Besides the new and more efficient editor, we now have email signatures, they will allow you to keep the same pattern you normally use when send emails, now also within Pipefy.

Still talking about email messaging, on the next days we'll launch canned responses that will make your most common/used messages standardized and ready to go, saving your precious time.

Connections improvements

Since we're always thinking of improving the way you use Pipefy, we have two more updates to announce:
1 - Now when you create connections between your pipes or databases, you have the option to filter between running and finished cards, or between active and inactive records.
2 - It was also added the option to disconnect cards without deleting them.

Visit our public roadmap to see more details about these updates, know about upcoming news, and most importantly, give us feedback on how we can make Pipefy even better for you.

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