Have you ever received feedback that your requesters aren't exactly sure where to submit a new request? Well, that's now solved!

Meet Portals! Pipefy's new feature that will organize your forms in one single place.

Portals allow your departments to share different types of request forms (such as vacation requirements, accounts payable, and more) through a single URL. In other words, it means fewer people asking you and your teammates for the official link to submit a request to your team.

It is possible to customize a portal's URL and its interface with different texts, pictures, and links - so it becomes more self explanatory on how you would like requesters to interact with your forms.

You can understand how Portals work through this link or watch a quick intro.

Sort Cards by phase

Now, it's also possible to sort the Cards in your pipe by creation or due date, last update or alphabetically. Processes can be more flexible, and you can organize them to best fit your needs.

To configure sorting rules, you need to be an Admin of the respective pipe and set up the desired rule under "More options", located at header of each phase.

Email Messaging

In addition to the functions we've mentioned before, there are other improvements that will boost your pipes' productivity when you use email messaging: email signatures, and canned responses. These are time savers, especially if your processes require communication and interactions external to Pipefy.  

Visit our public roadmap to see more details about these updates, know about upcoming news, and most importantly, give us feedback on how we can make Pipefy even better for you.

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