Manual workflows can leave important information behind, and grow chaotic scenarios. 

That is why Automation is important: it highlights the sense of priority that most tasks (in most companies) have. 

For example:

A member of an I.T. support team receives a major complaint about a bug, and this person doesn't know how to solve it. However, if this feature does not continue working in hours (or maybe in minutes), the whole company might be impaired.

This problem can be solved through Automation: by labeling this ticket/card as a high priority, it moves automatically to another member that is more qualified to solve the problem, and in less time.

How can Pipefy help?

In Automations, when a field is updated as an action, and its conditionals are set as Labels (high, medium or low priority), they can trigger an event such as set the card to another responsible. 

The triggered action can also be "move card" to a priority phase, which will receive more attention. It's automatic, fast and error-free.

Want to see how it works? Check the article here.

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