We have some updates and improvements that boost our Android and iOS apps to share with you today. Also, a lot of bugs have been corrected to provide a better and more fluid experience with Pipefy on mobile devices.


The Android app was updated to version 1.2.70 and the iOS app to version 1.2.0. Both versions share some key changes that make the app usability much easier and more complete. Check out the features now supported by the app:

  • Field Conditionals

  • Pipe Connection fields

  • Database Connections

We also corrected some bugs regarding:

  • User permissions

  • Field component on both phases and cards edition

  • Duplicate cards after creating a card

Furthermore, we changed the app fonts so our users have a much more pleasant experience when reading. 

App Updates

1. Field Conditionals

Pipefy’s apps now support conditional fields, displaying and hiding fields correctly. Remember to establish this setting previously in the web version. 

All conditional fields now behave the way they are supposed to when users open a card or a public form using our mobile apps. 

2. Pipe Connection Fields

Pipefy’s apps now display pipe connection fields, something that didn’t happen before. Remember to establish this setting previously in the web version. 

It is also possible to create new cards or select pre-existent cards in other pipes through the connection field.

3. Database Connections

Pipefy’s apps now support database connection fields. Remember to establish this setting previously in the web version. 

It’s also possible to create new records or to select pre-existent records in any given database through the database connection field. 

However, card history will only show the title of a selected record and it will not be possible to fully display a record's information on the screen.

Bug Fixes 

1. Fixed card editing permission 

Now, if the editing permission is on, only people assigned to a card can edit it. Before, some users could edit cards even if they were not assigned to them. 

2. Fixed the "Select Field" component on the card tab

Before, fields that allowed the selection of a value would not show the information reliably, as the web did. Now, this has been corrected and the same information appears updated across all platforms, no matter where you filled it.

3. Fixed a bug that was duplicating cards at the moment of their creation

People that tapped the “Create Card” button twice could create duplicated cards on the pipe by mistake. Now, cards can only be created once when you tap the button, regardless of how many times you tap it.

These are the product updates for Pipefy’s Android and iOS apps 😄 Don’t forget to give us some feedback and keep up with us to stay on top of our news. 

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