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Pipefy's Connections allow your team to associate the information contained in a card to another card or a card to a database. 

With this feature, it is easier to gather and access content within pipes at certain stages of execution that demand collaboration from pipes.

Edit Connections is as simple as creating them:

1. Access your main Dashboard, select any pipe of your preference and click on Pipe Tools (or the tool icon). Will you find the Connections feature in the right bar. 

2.  The list of your current Connections will appear. Select the one you want to edit, click on the three dots icon and then on "Edit Connection".

3. You can change the name of your current Connection, as well as to the cards or tables they are related to. 

You can also modify Advanced Options (you can better understand how the rules work in this article).

Remember: editing is not deleting. When you delete a Connection, you are also removing the information (as well as the automation) related to it. 

Be careful before making any irreversible change in your process.

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