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PDF Templates are great ways to share information contained in cards to people that don't have direct access to them (such as clients or coworkers). They are exclusive for each pipe and you can always edit them to update information. 

However, if a PDF Template is not being useful anymore, it is possible to disable it without losing any kind of data or layout preferences. And, if you miss its previous design, enable and use the template again. 

Enabling/disabling a PDF Template is easy:

1. Access one of your pipes and go to the pipe tools menu located at the top right corner of your screen. Then, click on PDF Generator.

2. In the PDF Generator area, you are able to see the list of the existing templates.

To enable or disable a template, click on the turn on/off button next to its name:

  • Green means enabled

  • Dark grey means disabled.

This choice is saved automatically, so you can leave this space by clicking on "Done" and go back to your pipes safely.

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