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Canned responses are great features in Pipefy for people that need to standardize some messages, and make communication effective. Specially, when it happens between pipes (and when it needs to be quick). 

How to create a Canned Response?

It is easy! All you need to do is access a pipe in which you are an administrator and, then, go to the Canned Response feature through the Pipe Tools sidebar:

Open the Canned Responses page, and click on the Create Response button to add a new message:

To create a new response, make sure to:

  • Add a new title;
  • Add a category (which you can create the moment you create a new response);
  • Add the content to the body of your message (add images, tables, hyperlinks, bullet points, and customize your text).

You can also click on the dynamic fields button in the upper left corner to apply specific fields that autofill according to your choices. It’s possible to customize your Canned Responses with dynamic fields to save time and establish better and standardized communication.

All you have to do is to click on the dynamic fields button and select the types of fields to be automatically filled in the emails. You can select card attributes (such as ID, URL, Title and so on), any field of any phase, creator, sender and assignee information and much more.

And after you are done, make sure to save your settings.

To use the Canned Response that you have just created in a card, click on the "Email" tab, and click on the "Canned Responses" button (view the example below):

Then, select the Canned Response template you wish to send as a message/email and it is done!

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