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Canned Responses are great for instant communication between members of a pipe and data/message standardization. 

Now that you know how to create it or edit it, you can also learn how to delete them safely without losing it any kind of information from your cards. 

How to delete a Canned Response?

Access your Canned Responses feature by opening any pipe that you administrate, and clicking on the Pipe Tools sidebar:

There are two ways of deleting Canned Responses in Pipefy:

1. Delete a single Canned Response by clicking on its name and then on the trash bin icon (like on the example below):

2. You can also delete a whole category of Canned Responses, which will include all the messages contained in it. 

 2.1 To delete Canned Responses by categories, select a category in your Canned Responses' modal:

2.2 After selecting the category, click on the trash bin icon.

2.3 Delete and confirm the action. It's done! 

After deleting a single Canned Response or a whole category of Canned Responses, it is not possible to recover their content.

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