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Pipefy’s Automation feature helps users to establish better workflows, faster operations, and error-proof processes. One of the most useful automations you can set is to move cards automatically from one phase to another according to defined rules.

This will save time and avoid a lot of manual work for yourself and your team. The following example talks about an expense reimbursement process. As you will see, cards will automatically move to the review phase if the cost is higher than a certain amount. If it's lower, then it will directly move to the approval phase.

📌 Remember: You must be the pipe admin and go to the automation page inside each pipe to set up an automation. See how to set up this feature:

0:12 - What is an Automation

0:25 - Process example

0:50 - Creating an Automation

1:46 - Automation example

🔔 Attention: An automation job is counted by Pipefy whenever the conditions to trigger an automation are checked (whether the conditions are met or not). This verification step is considered an automation job and counted as such.

For example, if you set up a rule for a card to automatically move to a specific phase but all the conditions are not met, the automation will not occur but the action to verify will be counted as complete.

If you are looking for more tips about Pipefy features, take a look at our community. You can also take free courses at Pipefy's University, and learn how to enjoy the most of our platform.

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