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What is a database connection?

A Database connection is a solution to integrate your processes without the need to share information from your pipe manually.

If you have a process that, at a given time of execution, requires collaboration and integration with your database, you can do so using connections.

You can create connections in two easy ways:

  • Connection field;

  • Connection.

To learn more about creating connections in different ways, click here!

To create a connection to the database, you can access the tools icon and select the Connections option.

Once you select this option, the "Create connection" button will appear. You will click on that button and then name that connection. Right after you will need to choose which table you want to connect to your pipe, as shown in the animation below:

When connecting the table to a process, you can select the "Connection function", which is related to its objective. In this scenario, there are three options:

  • Search records;

  • Create new records;

  • Search and create new records.

It is also possible to decide the "Number of entries," which refers to how many records it will be possible to connect to that card. It can be:

  • Single entry;

  • Multiple entries.

When selecting the options above, which are mandatory, you can also enable the "Advanced Options," varying according to the needs of your process.

At the end of this setting, you will be able to observe inside your card that a new field appeared, as shown in the image below:

When selecting this option, you will be able to search or create records in your table according to the previously chosen settings.

This way, you avoid manual and repetitive work that could cause loss or incorrect transmission of information, ensuring much more agility for your team and its processes.

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