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What is a Conditional?

Users in the Business and Enterprise plans can add field conditionals (conditional logic) to their pipe's forms and phases to display or hide other fields according to the value in other fields.

In the video below, you will learn how to create conditionals and how you can improve your process with it:

Check out one of the most common applications for Conditionals in Pipefy:

  • Marketing:

Marketing Teams can reap great benefits from field conditionals. Through conditional logic, it's possible to create clever forms and phases that hide or show specific fields, which is great for requesters that don't have to deal with tons of information on the same page.

For example, if someone is opening a request for marketing campaigns, only fields related to campaigns will appear as the person writes in the form.

This is great because the form and the phases can have dynamic approaches depending on who's opening the request. Not to mention that you'll have standardized requests, no matter what type they are.

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