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Pipefy's email messaging capabilities are now improved.

Now, not only you can centralize your email templates in one place, but it's also possible to build, customize, and automate its sendings through easy steps!

With this upgrade, it's much easier to create standardized, smart communication with requesters, approvers and other team members!

Improved email templates, new superpowers

What happens when superheroes level up their superpowers? 🦸

Well, the new and improved version of Pipefy's email templates allows you to:

  • Build email templates on a single screen. You don't need to access different places for its set up (no more editing the phases to send emails)!

  • Choose and customize your emails' domains destinations (e.g., CC, BBC) and its content

  • Utilize up to 100 dynamic content in a single email template with information from your cards (e.g., card ID, URL, title, username). Use dynamic fields on sender/recipient fields, body text, and many other possibilities!

  • Easily edit your content with different headers, add images and links

  • Save, edit or delete email templates in a single place

To access the new and improved email templates, you can:

  • Access a pipe of your preference (make sure you have the Administrator permission);

  • Click on Pipe Tools;

  • Then, select Email Templates.

And, time to start building your messages!

What about email automation?

After building your email templates, you can manually send them through cards or set up email automations.

Creating phases in your pipe just to trigger emails is not needed anymore.

Now, you can set up the different scenarios for your email messages on the Automations page, along with your other Pipefy automation.

How can I automate my emails now?

Email automations can be created through the Email Templates new builder or directly on the Automations page.

There are a lot of possibilities of events that trigger the email messages:

You can check each one on the Automations page (e.g., sending an email message when a card is created, moved or updated).

📌 Here is our step-by-step on how to set up email automations

If you prefer, you can also manually send emails through cards

You can create emails from scratch or choose an existing email template directly from a card.

For that, just open the card and click in the Email button located at the top:

For you to be able to easily identify which emails were sent manually or automatically.

Emails sent through automation rules are indicated by the automated label inside the card.

📌 Here is our step-by-step on how to send email messages from cards

What about the email templates that I've previously created?

The email templates you have today will continue to work normally inside Pipefy, with the same configurations and phases to trigger the sending of messages.

However, due to the new high level of security of the feature, it's possible that some previous templates have their HTML codes restricted.

This means that you won’t be able to visualize the content with the new email template features, with bold and italic texts, for example. You’ll still be able to edit the whole content but only through the HTML code and without an email preview.

Regardless, all the functionalities of the new email builder will still work normally with its dynamic fields. You can also convert the email template’s old code to the new code with the sanitization process. This way, you’ll be able to extract the most out of the feature. Check out the email template preview:

📌Learn how-to correct possible HTML error in old/new email templates

We know that with improvements, new questions may come to mind.

Speaking of which, we can anticipate some answers:

  • Can I change an existing email template automation?

If you already created an automation for your emails, it will still be possible to edit its message, or to view and delete the previous automation setups.

However, it won't be possible to edit the email's phase settings at a pipe level.

For that, we suggest you create a new automation setup on the Automations page and apply your rules. This way, all your messages can follow the same upgrade capabilities!

📢 Attention: the email templates you created before the update will continue to work normally, with their trigger phases and previous settings. However, only for six months. After this time, the feature will be discontinued and it will only be allowed to create email templates through the new editor, setting automations to send messages.

  • What happens to email templates that are not automated yet?

With the update, the email templates that were not linked to any specific phase (or automation rules) became canned responses after the update.

You can also use them as body messages of your email templates.

  • What changes from the old to the new email templates' version?

Previously, to create a new email template, the set up was done in two different areas. Also, it was necessary to create a specific phase to activate the sendings.

📌 Before, you had to create a new template by accessing the Pipe Tools. Then, edit a phase's email message options to send them whenever a card eas moved.

📌 Now, you can easily customize messages through the Email Template's builder (still in Pipe Tools). The creation process now happens entirely on the builder, as well as your email automations.

You can also create new messages and rules through the open card by clicking on the Email label.

▶️ If you need a step-by-step guidance on understanding what are the Pipefy's improved email messaging capabilities, watch the video below:

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