Work can be easier. Instead of manually sending emails to customers, requesters, suppliers and leads, Pipefy's email templates make it smart, quick, and automatic.

Yes, you can automatically send email messages, according to your company's needs!

With the email template's new messaging capabilities, not only it's easier to create email templates, but it's also possible to send them from your pipe's cards, doing it automatically through automation rules or manually while accessing an open card.

Here's how you can send email templates directly from your pipe's cards:

First, you should create an email template

Before sending emails directly from your cards, you can create an email template by clicking on the tool icon, below your user picture, and selecting the Email templates feature.

With this new email template's version, it's possible to add dynamic fields, with information extracted from your cards, to your email's fields (such as sending or destination addresses, subject, as well as the content inside the email).

Here's how the email template's builder looks like:

It's also possible to automate your email templates, sending them whenever a card leaves or moves to another phase (e.g., sending an email to a customer when their support ticket is prioritized or complete).

You can automatically do so by clicking on the Automations environment, located in the left sidebar, and setting customized rules to send your messages.

If you don't know how to automate your email messaging, click here to learn more about it.

Sending emails from through cards

However, if your team needs to send emails to exclusive requesters, for instance, or even do it manually, it's possible to make it happen directly through the cards.

  • In a pipe, select a card of your preference and open it to access the top preference buttons, located on the left side of the card:

  • After accessing it, click on the Email option.

  • On the left side of the card, you will be able to select a previously created email template, or even compose a new one, if you'd like.

  • In card email address, you can access a link that informs the card and the server that your messages take place (this is not customizable since it's for your tracking purposes).

  • And in send email as, you can select a custom email address to send your messages (you can customize it with your own email address or your company's).

And, that's it!

After creating your own email template, customizing your fields, and adding a custom email address, you can hit the send button, then done!

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