Data pipeline provides a Database (Redshift) with all you Pipefy’s data, where you can query and analyze inside any BI tool. We don’t offer a native connector to the Data pipeline, but you can use the Redshift connector inside Power BI Desktop or in other BI tools to connect to your Data pipeline instance.

The following tutorial assumes that you have a valid Data pipeline subscription and you already received the credentials from the Pipefy team.

Step 1:

Select Get Data – > Database -> Amazon Redshift connector

Step 2:

Provide Server and database details and choose Direct Query in the data connectivity mode.

Step 3:

Provide your username, password and click Connect

Step 4:

Power BI Navigator window shows the available tables that you have access to, Select Edit for data shaping and transformations or select Load to import data of selected tables/views to the Power BI desktop.

For more information regarding the tables, fields, and data available, check this help article.

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