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People from other teams and companies can interact with a pipe even if they are not members of it. They also don't need a Pipefy account to do it.

This interaction occurs within a Phase Form, which they fill with the requested information.

With this tool, you can ask for a purchase approval, a budget quotation, or update employees data, for example.

Once these guest users send the information you are asking for, the card will be automatically updated with it.

This form will also be available as Tasks on Pipefy for guests, an exclusive platform to guest users.

How to create a task

Open the card related to the task you want to ask. Click on (1) email, then on (2) use template.

Create or use an email template with the dynamic field Card → Link to current phase.

On Pipefy for guests, they can see all demands you asked them. They just have to click on Tasks and open the forms. Check the labels to see which ones are pending or done.

To access the portal, they have to use the link you shared with them.

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