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A company that uses Pipefy to manage its process may, at some point, ask you to complete tasks, like approvals or sharing information, for example. These tasks are can be accessed within a Form.

To access this form, the company will share an authenticated link with you.

When you’ve received the link, click on it to open and fill the form.

This same link will lead you to Pipefy for guests, a portal where you have exclusive access.

Inside the platform, click on Tasks to find all demands the company has shared with you and to check statuses.

If the task has a pending label, it means you have to fill the form with the required information. Click on the task to open the form and complete it.

But, if it has a done label, this means you already have filled the form and the task is completed.

Besides keeping up with all your tasks in a single place, with Pipefy for guests, you have quick and safe access to them, being able to easily complete them.

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