Automations work this way:

  • Every time something happens in a pipe

  • The automation will do something else in sequence.

You can create an automation that sends an email every time a card is created, moves across phases – and other events that you can read below.

How to create this automation?

First, you can create an email template.

Then, select an event:

1. When a card is created

Every time a new card is created from scratch or arrives through a form (at any phase of the pipe) → send an email template.

2. When a card enters a phase

Every time a card enters a phase of your process → the automation sends an email with information filled out in fields from previous phases.

3. When a field is updated

Every time you fill out a field in a card → the automation sends an email template.

Example: every time the field Will this candidate receive a job offer? is marked with Yes or No → an email template is submitted from this card.

4. When all connected cards are moved to a phase

Every time connected cards move to a specific phase → send an email template that's unique for the card that's being moved.

5. When an alert is triggered

Every time a card receives a late, expired, or overdue alert → the automation sends an email template from this card.

6. When an email is received

Every time you receive an email related to this card on your pipe's email address → the automation sends an email template in sequence.

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