Automations work this way:

  • Every time something happens in the pipe,

  • The automation will do something else as a consequence.

For example, you can create automation that moves a parent card every time other cards connected to it are moved, updated, or receive an alert.

How to create this automation?

First, ensure there's an active connection between cards.

Then, choose an event:

1. When a card is created

Every time a new Card is created in a pipe [1] or arrives from a form → move the parent Card and all of its connected Cards in another pipe [2].

2. When a card enters a phase

Every time a connected Card [1] is moved from one phase to another → the parent Card [2] will move to another phase.

3. When a field is updated

Every time a field is updated in a Card [1], in a specific phase of your pipe → move the parent Card [2] to another phase.

4. When all connected cards are moved to a phase

Every time Cards [1] that are connected to a parent Card [2] move to a phase → move the parent Card to a phase of this pipe (or another pipe).

5. When an alert is triggered

Every time a connected Card [1] receives a late, expired, or overdue alert → move the parent Card [2] to another phase of this (or another pipe).

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