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🎯 For those who want to create and manage roles and company settings


Use the admin dashboard to customize things with your brand and manage the right people in the right roles in your company. Learn how to:

  • Create personalized roles and manage people and permissions.

  • Set up your company, choose the pipe name, logo, and more.

What is the admin dashboard

The admin dashboard allows you to manage people’s roles and permissions and to set up your company in Pipefy. Learn more about company roles and permissions.

🎥 Short on time? Watch this brief video about admins, members, company guests, and external guests permissions.

📢Keep in mind: The admin dashboard is only available for companies with an active business, enterprise, or unlimited plan. Learn more about pricing and how they work.

How to access the admin dashboard

Click your company’s name or your profile picture at the top of the screen. Then, click on Admin dashboard.

📢Keep in mind: By default, only super admins have access to and can manage permissions and settings. Admins and members can have access if they have enabled permission by a super admin. If you don’t have access to the admin dashboard, contact the responsible for your company in Pipefy to verify your permissions.

In the Admin dashboard, you will have access to Roles, to manage people’s permissions, and Company settings, to manage general aspects of your company in Pipefy, like name and logo.


You can manage people’s roles in your company, assigning them their predefined roles (super admin, admin, member, company guest, or external guest) or creating personalized roles with specific permissions.

To manage role permissions, click them and edit the actions they can do in the admin dashboard, pipes, databases, and automations. Learn more about how to create and manage custom roles.

📢Keep in mind: Super admins cannot have their permissions altered, they have access to all of them. However, you can alter the permissions of admins, members, company guests, external guests, and custom roles.

Get inspired:

Create personalized functions to differentiate people’s permissions in your company:

  • Business managers can build automations and manage people only in the pipes they administer.

  • Business collaborators cannot create pipes, automations, or invite new people to the company.

  • IT people can build automations and manage permissions of the whole company.

Company settings

You can manage your company's settings in Pipefy through the Admin dashboard or Account preferences.

Define your company's name, import a logo to be exhibited to users, and enable timers for all pipe cards, among other things. Learn more about how to modify company settings.

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