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Your company in Pipefy:


A company is a virtual representation of your company in Pipefy. It encompasses all of your company's processes, databases and team members.


A process is, by definition:

A series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result

A process means a series of sequential steps used by a person or a team to get to a desired result. In Pipefy, a process is represented by a pipe.


Each process consists of a series of sequential steps. In Pipefy, steps are represented by phases. You can add as many phases as you need. Within each phase, you can also set the rules (fields) who will ensure standardized patterns of execution.


What flows through your process are activities - represented by cards. Activities are unique and all contain different information based on the fields you specified in each step. So, the information requested in each phase is the same, the information inserted on each card is unique.

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