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Pipefy is a no-code platform that allows you to create, manage, and automate different processes in your company.


By definition, a process is a series of sequential steps used by a person or a team to achieve a desired result.

In Pipefy, a process is represented by a Pipe.

You can create different Pipes in your Pipefy account — and even connect them to tools or software you use every day.


A process is divided into different phases, which are sequential steps that your team must complete in order to finish a demand, task, order, or any activity.

You can add as many phases as you need in a Pipe, depending on your team's needs.

In each phase, you can also set an order of rules that ensure assigned individuals execute activities that follow the same standard.


Activities, represented by cards in Pipefy, flow through your process.

Activities are unique and contain different information based on the fields you have specified in each step.

So, the information requested in each phase is the same, but the information inserted on each card is unique.

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