In your Pipes, you're free to add as many Phases as you feel are necessary to keep your process running smoothly. You can also delete and reorder the existing Phases to make them better suit your workflow.

You can add Phases in three ways:

1. By clicking on the settings wheel on the top right of your screen and going to the ‘Phases’-tab

2. By clicking on the add new Phase button on the ultimate right side of your Pipe

3. By clicking on the three dots on the right side of the name of your Phase, and then selecting 'Create new phase'

Whichever way you use - As soon as you clicked 'Create new phase', the following screen will appear:

The first step for creating a new phase is giving it a name. Once you set a name for your phase, and you wish to add fields or change its position in your pipe - start editing your phase in the phase's settings

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