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What is Pipefy's Email Inbox?

Pipefy offers users the possibility of setting up a pipe's email inbox so that, whenever users send emails to the pipe's unique email address, cards are automatically created in your Pipe.

The Email Inbox feature can be used to automatically create new cards in a Helpdesk Pipe whenever someone sends an email to [email protected]* or in your Sales Pipeline whenever someone writes [email protected]*, etc.

* Each pipe has a unique email address that can't be modified. Additional steps for setting up redirects from other custom email address may be needed. 

Setting up your Email Inbox helps you make sure that important information and opportunities won’t get lost in your team’s email inbox. 

It also enables you to create a structured process in order to track the way your team deals with incoming requests/opportunities. By creating a Pipe to follow up on your opportunities/requests, you’re also able to establish SLA’s based on the maximum limit time to get back to the customers.

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