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Use a start form to gather standardized information that your process needs to run.
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Generally, processes in Pipefy begin with a start form, which is filled out with all the information required to initiate a request.

This form can be shared with your stakeholders through a public link. Once the start form is published, it becomes a public form.

Every time someone fills a start form or a public form, the information will be sent to your pipe, and a new card will be created in your process.

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How to use the start form?

Some examples:

  • In a Sales Pipeline, use it to collect the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of potential customers so that you can get in touch with them later.

  • In a Recruitment Process, collect data about candidates, such as their names, education level, previous experiences, and level of interest to find the best professionals.

  • In a Purchase Process, use the start form to collect information about requesters, orders, and total cost, so you can share this data with approvers.

Where do I find the start form?

Open the pipe and click on Form.

In this tab, you'll be able to:

You also find the start form when you click on the create card button.

The title of this button changes according to each process and can be modified through pipe settings.

Who can access a start form?

Everyone added in a pipe as administrator, member, or restricted view can access the start form. Users added with the “view only” criteria, won’t have access to it.

When the star form becomes a public form, anyone with its link can access and fill it to make requests.

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