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What is a start form?

Your pipe’s start form is the form you and all members of the pipe will see when you click the +' button to create a new card. It's also displayed when creating a card via connection or connection field

The form represents your process’ input, the information you need to start a new activity in your pipe. Setting up the form properly is an essential to ensure your team will have all the necessary information to start working in your process. 

Each pipe has its own start form, with its own fields and instructions. The fields in your start form represent all the information people will need to provide in order to create a new card.

The start form can be accessed by all the members allowed to create cards on your pipe (click here to learn more about pipe permissions). 

You can also choose to make your start form public, so that it’ll be accessible via a URL or embedded on your site (it will then be called a public form).

Wants to find out more about Start Form? Click below! 

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