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What is an email template?

Email templates are standard messages you can create that will be sent from a specific phase of your pipe.

The templates can be used to send emails automatically (when a card enters/leaves a phase) or manually from inside the card

You can build templates with dynamic content originated from the fields of your process (to add the customer's name to a welcome email, for example).

How can email templates be used?

Email templates present you with a world of possibilities to make your life easier, such as:

  • Auto-sending a confirmation email when a customer opens a support ticket for example. You can use dynamic content to make your template customized by including the customer’s name and support ticket’s follow-up number;
  • Updating a customer about how his or her request is doing by sending automated emails as the card moves from one phase to the other;
  • Auto-sending instructions to a new employee. Each step of your hiring process that demands interaction can have one (or more) email templates;
  • Automating sales outbound and follow-up emails;
  • Standardizing your communication. Using email templates ensures all communication sent out has your company’s visual ID, tone and voice.

Use case : Expense reimbursement confirmation message

A member of your team creates a card to ask for a reimbursement of an expense they had. Right after the card is created in the ‘expense reimbursement’ Pipe, they'll receive an automated message saying the request has been received and they will be updated as it goes through the phases of the process.

Attention! Some pre-designed process templates already come with examples of email templates. Those examples need to be edited before they can be used: their dynamic content settings, as well as sender/receiver email, must be edited before they can be used.

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