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Attention! Permission levels/roles are only available for companies in the Business or Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more about the features available for each of Pipefy's plans.

You can view and manage the permissions of all members of your company in the members' section. Access it by clicking on the Manage members button located in the upper right corner of the header.

Users can have three different company permission levels:

  • Administrator: This user can access and edit all pipes inside a company (including private pipes). They can also edit the company's settings, invite/delete members or change other members permission levels;

  • Member: This user can join all public pipes and create/edit cards in them (depending on the pipe permission level);

  • Guest: This user can only access the Start Form of public pipes to create new cards. They can't view or edit any cards, even the ones they created.

Guest users can't be added to any pipes with any permission levels. If by any chance you add a guest to a pipe, his company permission will be switched to member and any corresponding charges will be generated automatically.

Attention: Pipe permissions are not directly related to the company permissions. Each pipe permission is managed separately, allowing you to choose who will have access to each of your pipes and how much access they'll have within each of them.

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