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To enable/disable email notifications, all you have to do is access your user settings by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen then selecting 'account preferences'.

Inside the account preferences page, you'll select the 'notifications' option in the 'user settings' dropdpown menu upper left corner of the screen to open the notifications settings.

By checking (or unchecking your settings checkboxes) you can choose to receive email notifications when:

  • Someone adds you to a pipe or company or mentions/assigns you to a card;

  • A card is moved between phases, becomes expired, late or overdue;

  • A new comment or checklist is created.

You can define your notification settings as default for all your pipes (if you want to get the same notifications for all your pipes) or you can define custom values for each pipe. 

It's very important, though, to always click the green save button after modifying each pipe's custom notification's settings.

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