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Exporting data from Pipefy is simple and can be done using the reports feature. It allows you to generate a XSLX file with the data in your pipe.

🔔 Important! Only the information added to the fields in your pipe and general information such as ID, creator, time in each phase, etc., can be exported. Additional data such as connected cards/records, comments, manual checklists, emails, and card history can't be extracted.

How to export data from a pipe

First, you need to access the pipe you want to generate a report from and open the Reports tab on your pipe's header.

Click on Add a report.

📌 Follow these instructions to create your pipe report.

When you're done editing it, click the Export button.

You'll be asked to choose whether you want to download your XSLX file directly from Pipefy or to receive a link to download it via email. From there, you can extract the data and work with it in other software.

🔔 Important: Pipefy only exports reports with 30k lines or less. If your report (either company or pipe) encompasses more than 30k cards, only the first 30k lines will be exported.

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